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Get Access to FlexSIS

To use FlexSIS you will need to get access to the Admin Systems Access portal (Citrix ERP farm). You also need to have a SecurID authentication card and to download Citrix ICA thin client software to your desktop computer.

To get access to the FlexSIS Reporting Portal (FRP) you need a username and password; these are automatically issued to you when you are granted access to FlexSIS.

Important message for managers

Faculty, department, and unit managers are asked to please inform FlexSIS Production Support when a staff member ceases employment in their area, or if a staff member moves to a position that does not require FlexSIS access, so that the user's FlexSIS and FRP access can be end-dated.

As managers, it is under your authority that users have access to the system. It is thus essential that you advise FlexSIS Support when this authorisation is withdrawn to assist us in effectively maintaining security within the application.

  Get access: Step 1 — Fill out and fax a FlexSIS Access Request form lion

Download (MS-Word), print, and fill out a FlexSIS Access Request form indicating the desired access level and your expected scope of use. On the FlexSIS Access Request form, tick system options that you require, based on the following descriptions:

  FlexSIS Reporting Portal (FRP)

Have this form signed by your faculty manager or head of department or school and fax it to the number indicated.

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  Get access: Step 2 — Acquire a SecurID authentication card lion

Staff who already have a SecurID authentication card go to step 3.

Card Transfers

To transfer a SecurID card from an existing staff member to another existing staff member you should send an email — with the full names of the old and new staff members, their user IDs and the serial number of the SecurID card to be transferred — to the ICT Helpdesk at

Procure a New Card


To procure a new card fill out the appropriate area on the FlexSIS Access Form Download (MS-Word).


To purchase a SecurID token, please email the Helpdesk at with the following information to request a new or replacement SecurID token be posted to you.

  • Login name (This is the login name you use for the application with which the SecurID token will be used)
  • Whether the token is a new token or a replacement token
  • Postal Address (The token will be sent to this address)
  • Account Code to be Charged
  • Name of Finance Officer (we will confirm that they approve the purchase)
  • Email Address of Finance Officer

If you have any problems with this process, please contact the ICT Helpdesk

Hiring SecurID Cards in Peak Periods

When temporary staff are employed for a specific project, for example during enrolment periods, faculties create generic FlexSIS log-ons. To do this, the following define arrangements between the Student Centre and ICT:

  1. The cost of hiring SecurID cards is $30.00 per calendar month or part thereof. This amount is currently paid by the Student Centre.
  2. For each card hired a Journal Entry form for the full amount ($300.00) must be supplied by the faculty.
  3. On return of a card, payment for the full hire period will be made via a separate Journal Entry form for each card. This Journal Entry form is supplied by the Student Centre.
  4. If damaged (in any way — no matter how minor) the card and the payment Journal Entry form will be returned to the Student Centre and the faculty will be charged the full amount.
  5. The Student Centre retains responsibility for the return of cards and extension of hire periods. Any card more than a month late will be deemed lost, and in such cases ICT will process the deposit Journal Entry form and not accept subsequent return of the card.

New Conditions of Use for Faculties

Additionally, the following conditions apply when hiring SecurID cards:

  6. Cards will be leased for a maximum period of three (3) months without the possibility of extension. If longer periods are required, we strongly advise purchase.
  7. There will be a grace period of one (1) month following the due-by date, after which you will be charged the full amount.
  8. The Student Centre will send ONE (1) overdue notice only to the faculty — two weeks before the end of the grace period. If a response is still not received, the full amount will be deducted without further notice one (1) month after the lease period is reached.

Other Case

  If you have forgotten your SecurID PIN you can request the issue of a new PIN: visit the Admin System Reset page.

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  Get access: Step 3 — Download and install Citrix ICA Client software lion

Download the Citrix NFuse ICA thin client software. If you are unsure about how to install this software, ask your Computer Systems Officer for help or, if none is available, contact the ICT Helpdesk.

For FlexSIS related questions please contact FlexSIS_Support.

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Help via Workflows

System help for common student administration processes such as:


... can be found in the Help via Workflows section of this Web site.