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  Why can't I print from my Mac using FlexSIS?
  I have problems printing from FlexSIS with my Macintosh Classic
  Why can't I print a complete transcript from my Mac OSX?
  Bulk printing problems on Mac OSX?
  FlexSIS freezes or an error message appears during the New Enrolment wizard (PDF)

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  Hours of Availability lion

Download the FlexSIS production support schedule or FRP production support schedule (contain information that is subject to end-of-year alterations).

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The FlexSIS Web site is designed for Internet Explorer 5 and later, or Netscape Navigator 6 and later (incl. Mozilla 1.5). Mac OSX users can also achieve good results using Safari 1.0.

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  Why can't I print from my Macintosh using FlexSIS? lion

Even though printing appears to work normally, it may happen that printing stops because the program suddenly no longer recognizes the printer, and fails to print (locally or to a dedicated network printer). Various error messages — such as Failed to set printer — appear, forcing you to contact FlexSIS Production Support. Generally, you would be advised to log out of FlexSIS and then log back in again.

The cause of these printing problems is a failure associated with the print spooler on one of the servers in the Citrix ERP Server Farm. The print spooler fails because some computers on the network have not been correctly configured to print from FlexSIS.

You must install the correct printer driver on your Macintosh. If all Macintosh computers have the correct printer driver installed it should, in future, be possible to avoid such printing problems.

Please also ensure that all Macintosh Classic computers are configured correctly as per the instructions found at the following link:

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  I have problems printing from FlexSIS with my Macintosh Classic lion

This problem impacts classic Macintosh machines running various Citrix ICA client versions prior to version 6.30.323. (For MAC OS X please see this instruction.) When general printing difficulties arise with classic MACs — e.g. you are no longer able to print transcripts from FlexSIS — perform the following general installation check.

1. Check your browser version and adjust the Citrix settings in your browser preferences. For a detailed explanation of all supported browser settings please consult:

If necessary, upgrade your browser to the latest supported version.

2. If updating and adjusting browser settings does not improve your success in printing, please also check your ICA client version. Upgrading it to a more recent version may fix the problem. For example, if you have recently upgraded from Macintosh classic to Mac OS X, you must install a newer version of the ICA client.

To check your ICA client version, find the Citrix folder on your hard disk (HDD) and open the Citrix ICA Client Editor. As soon as you open it, this program displays its version number.

3. If you have upgraded either your browser or Citrix to a later version than originally installed, you must also re-associate the Citrix ICA Client with the browser. To do this, go to the browser's Preferences (please see point 1 above for details). It is prudent, at this point, to clear your browser's cache (so that no earlier settings and links remain which may prevent correct operation).

4. On classic Macintosh machines, you must give full access to the user within the Citrix Client Editor. Go to Options > Default Settings:

Using the drop-down menu in the middle of the screen, select Drive Mapping:

As shown in the following image, ensure you have full access to your local hard disk (HDD).

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  Why can't I print a complete transcript from my Macintosh OSX? lion

This problem usually occurs when printing internal transcripts with lots of data. This procedure should resolve the problem.

1. In the Citrix ICA Client File menu (located near the top of the screen) select Page Setup.

2. Select the Format for menu as shown; select a specific printer installed on your computer instead of Any Printer (at top of menu in diagram). In this example, the user is choosing the printer Student Record Transcript.

3. The Citrix client will now use a specific printer driver rather than the generic Any Printer and the problem of cut-off lines should now disappear.

Screen shot showing Mac OSX printing setup for internal transcript

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  Bulk printing problems on Mac OSX? lion

When using the bulk printing facility for transcripts in FlexSIS, the Mac OSX operating system's Print Utility takes over after each individual SID slated for bulk printing. If users enter (for example) 40 SIDs, they must click OK after each transcript has been sent to the spooler. In order to print without interruption, this Print utility must be turned OFF in the Citrix ICA Client File menu.

Go to the File menu, choose Print Automatically to uncheck Print with Dialog.

Screen shot showing how to resolve problems with bulk printing in Mac OSX

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