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About FlexSIS

FlexSIS lets university staff perform student administration through the provision of full student lifecycle management functionality from admissions through study management to graduation.

The FlexSIS Reporting Portal (FRP) is an online report generation and sharing tool. FRP offers greater security, flexibility of access, and relevance — and improves system resource use.

While primarily for university staff, FlexSIS is also used by students for self-administration via the MyUni intranet portal.

FlexSIS lets staff perform such student administration activities as:

  Study management
  Results processing
  Graduand assessment
  Graduation administration
  Financial administration
  Scholarships and recipients management.

FlexSIS is delivered equally to Windows and Macintosh computers.

  Who is In Charge of the FlexSIS Program? lion

Please contact:

Role Name Phone (+61 2 ) e-mail
Director, Application Services Andrew Cooper 9351 8082
ICT Solutions Manager Academic Administration Systems Paul Vogelzang 9351 8652

The FlexSIS Production Support Team is managed by David Bowan, Director of the Student Centre.

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  Where is the FlexSIS Program Run from? lion

Located on the Darlington campus, the ICT Application Services Group occupies part of floor 3 of the Services Building (G12 — corner of Codrington and Abercrombie Streets). The Production Support Team is located in the Student Centre.

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Corporate Website

For more detail on the Information and Communications Technology — ICT — portfolio, you can visit:

  ICT Website


  Student Self-Admin Help
  The Student Centre